Marti retail park


Marti retail park was opened in 2019 as a unique combination of a typical retail park and a shopping center, a novelty in the Rijeka area. It covers an area of 20,000 m2 and contains 10,000 m2 of retail space.

It consists of three buildings connected into a single retail park, an open parking lot with a yard, a children’s playground surrounded by direct entrances to shops, and a shopping center with a parking garage.

Soon after it was opened, Marti became a favorite destination of residents from the western parts of Rijeka and its adjacent suburbs due to the store’s contemporary concept, as well as its pleasant and easily accessible shopping area.

The combination store is specially created for the needs of the local population with an emphasis on an excellent price to quality ratio. The spaces are airy with custom-designed interiors and built-in quality materials.

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